Founded in 2017, TOP is the first training platform in the industry to provide direct access to the top 1% of active originators in the nation — because explosive growth and lasting success can only be achieved by learning directly from the best minds in the industry.

Our goal is to provide every originator with a central hub to discover, learn, and implement the game-changing systems and techniques from today’s top originators.

Every training course we offer within TOP On Demand is the culmination of hundreds of hours spent collaborating and compiling the insights, systems, and templates that have helped these top originators succeed.

No single person is the best at everything, which is why TOP only selects and produces training from originators that are dominating a critical aspect of the business – whether they are a $200 million or a $60 million producer. This helps us ensure that each course you take through our all-in-one platform represents the best approach in the industry.

If they are using an app, system, script or template, or are applying a unique approach to grow their business — TOP is the best place to learn about it and implement it into your daily routine.

Accelerate your growth and success by training directly with today's top 1%.

No contracts. No subscriptions. No BS.

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