On February 12, 1964, nine women with 161 years of combined experience in various fields of mortgage banking met in Seattle, Washington to consider the need for an organization to promote women in the mortgage lending profession. On April 22, 1964, the first association, to be known as the Seattle Association of Professional Mortgage Women was officially formed. Other areas began to show interest in a similar organization. In February of 1967, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women was chartered for the purpose of organizing Local Associations throughout the United States. Individuals currently or previously employed in the mortgage banking or related fields, as well as individuals interested in and/or seeking education and/or employment in mortgage banking and related fields are eligible for membership.

If you believe in helping to elevate the educational standards in this industry, or assisting in developing the most competent industry workforce, then you believe in NAPMW. If you want to find a place where education, networking and life-changing results occur, then NAPMW is the place for you.


  • To promote and foster educational opportunities for its members.
  • To maintain the high standards of the profession.
  • To work for equal recognition and opportunities for women.
  • To bring its members together for the exchange of experiences, ideas and interests in all phases of mortgage banking on the local, region, and national levels.
  • To encourage women to choose the mortgage banking profession as a career.
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