HomeScout National MLS pioneered the first of its kind digital real estate marketplace where lenders are exclusively branded to capture buyers prior to meeting an agent or making a purchase decision. This feature-rich web and mobile app gives lenders a unique opportunity to have more control over their transactions and close more loans. HomeScout gathers 100% MLS listing data, that is updated thousands of times a week, providing consumers with the most accurate property information available anywhere; without fake listings or outdated information found on public sites. And since access to HomeScout is password protected, user’s private information is kept secure and will never be shared or sold, so they are able avoid unwanted sales pressure from strangers who purchase online leads.

In addition to HomeScout, we provide loan officers and their cooperating agents business intelligence from the HBM Dash, buyer reporting interface. The Dash is the loan officer and agent’s window to the home buyer’s journey. This powerful web and mobile interface monitors all buyer activities on HomeScout, and provides online activity reporting, automated alerts and one-touch communications that engage buyers, helping convert more purchase transactions. It also provides enhanced features designed to help lenders retain leads and pre-approved borrowers by isolating them in their pipeline to provide timely support up to their point of sale.

In the age of the digital mortgage, lenders who introduce their borrowers to HomeScout are able to build the trust and confidence it takes to sustain a successful business based on personal relationships and referrals.

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