Mark Burch

Business Development Manager, Temple View Capital

Mark has been involved in real estate since 2002, starting as a loan officer then moving into the builder division of First Franklin where he sold wholesale purchase loans. Once the crash hit, he took on a new endeavor of asset management at BSI Financial where he managed 100+ listings at any given time from REOs to short sales. During this time, he become involved in many REOs that needed repairs. This experience allowed Mark to become proficient at the fix and flip trade and, at the same time, Temple View Capital merged with some ground-breaking lending opportunities. Currently, Mark is creating lending avenues to new investors and experienced brokers who want to start originating or using Temple View Capital’s (TVC) products. TVC is becoming a leader in the fix and flip space but also has a number of other great lending options such as DSC (Debt Service Coverage), rental loans and ground-up construction. TVC is one of the only companies that advances the draw schedule so the cash flow is always in front of the investor, allowing for faster flips. Mark not only helps investors, brokers and lenders obtain TVC’s great products but he also personally uses them to fund his own various fix and flip projects and his buy and hold rentals. To start investing call, text or email Mark at any time: [email protected] – email 240-351-5434 – direct.