Ryan Grant

Co-Owner, Art of Home Ownership

Ryan Grant has been working in the mortgage industry for 15 years and has been ranked amongst the top 50 Mortgage Consultants in America each year since 2013.  Currently, Ryan is the #1 ranked Loan Originator in Orange County not only for loan volume, but for what he is proudest of, which is his clients reviews across Yelp, Zillow and Google platforms.  According to Ryan he and his team “Are more proud of how we help our clients, than how many clients we help.” During his 15 years in the industry, Ryan has owned his own mortgage company, he was Director of Retail Sales for a Mortgage Bank, he has been a Senior Vice President, Producing Area Manager, Branch Manager as well as a Mortgage Consultant.  Ryan also is the Founder of the industry changing Art of Homeownership platform that allows mortgage and real estate professionals across the country to be more valuable to their clients.  His experience in these different positions has given him an invaluable insight into the real estate and mortgage industry and taught him how to provide the best possible value and service to his clients and the best coaching and guidance to the mortgage industry.

Ryan is also a Nationally recognized Coach/Speaker/Trainer, not only in the mortgage business, but to all areas of real estate and finance.  Ryan has been a Keynote Speaker at many national and local real estate and mortgage events and he has a passion for helping change the way that the consumer sees real estate and mortgage professionals.  Ryan really enjoys teaching people how to perform at their best and how to implement practices in their business to not only significantly grow their business, but to deliver a higher level of value to their clients while doing so.  As a speaker, Ryan is able to share his passion with others and helps people grow their business while enjoying a proper work life balance.  He teaches on everything from The Art of Homeownership, his Nationally Recognized 5-Star Customer Experience, Strategic Partnership Growth, Social Media Strategies and Increasing Client Retention and Referral Business.